Teaching creatively or Creativity in teaching

Creativity is a term usually associated with art. Why not with teaching? After all teaching is an art. Teaching creatively or Creativity in teaching is the need of the hour.  Creativity  involves the generation of new things or ideas or the transformation of those previously existing. It is about becoming aware of one’s capacity to create, and to use one’s internal resources.

Arousing and holding interest of students is paramount to teaching. Installing whiteboards in front of the classrooms or use of other such equipment will play no music to the ears of Gen Z. What is required is a soft and creative side to the pedagogical approaches. A teacher can simply get into the mode and she/he will get ample of ideas to creatively teach a routine and abstract topic.

Creative teaching can be practiced by collecting and organising the creative ideas. These ideas could be tried and practiced in the classroom, whenever the right opportunity comes. Experimenting with ideas from one’s collection will nudge the creative side and more ideas will occur. Therefore, just as a guitarist maintains and improves her/his ability to play guitar by regular practice, a teacher can transform her/his pedagogical practices by continual training of mind to use the creative side of it.

Post Author: Vishv Books