Early Childhood Education

Since every child has a different learning style, it remains uncertain as to what sort of facilities should be provided to the young minds of per-primary level. The present graded education system hinders the learning graph of children as they grasp things at their own comfortable pace. So, the inconsistency between the two concepts is quite evident. Small kids require nurturing and not a rote learning structure. Academics happen naturally to them. Although, the kids of this age group are capable enough to retain a variety of concepts, still they need the right amount of encouragement and guidance to immerse themselves into educational concepts. Also, the existing education structure fails to connect the theories with the facts, hence creating confusion in the minds of children.

The 3 to 5 years old kids need the most attention. They require fundamental and basic concepts to be customised as per their individual needs. So, the curriculum must be alluring and flexible enough to cater to every child’s demands. This calls for an educational structure that is play-based. Here, kids get to observe different things and situations which, in turn, improve their grasping powers. There is no pressure on the kids to forcibly learn things.

A number of schools have adopted an activity-based approach in their respective curriculum, but many schools are still trying to effectively implement this system. These gaps are being filled up by the initiatives taken by Vishv Books through their ‘Learn with Sim and Tim series’.

This series has been designed as a multi-skill concept-driven course which caters to the play-based requirement in educational structure. The students get a good grasp on the basics and gradually develop an in-depth learning.

A Vishv Books team is dedicatedly and effectively working across the whole country to let schools and parents get awareness about the benefits of this flexible and play-based educational structure.

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