Webinar Driving Education through Pandemic in May, 2020

Vishv Books organised a Webinar Driving Education through Pandemic in May, 2020. It was a LIVE event with many attendees, primarily teachers and coordinators of schools.

Speakers in the Webinar

Ms Amrita Burman, Deputy Director, Sunbeam Group of 24 Educational Institutions.

Ms Manju Rana, Principal cum Director Seth Anandram Jaipuria Schools also a National Awarde2019.

Ms Mudit Mohini, Director Vishv Books and Delhi Press Group, awarded ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow Award in the category Woman Entrepreneur of the year.

The webinar was moderated by Ms Bhavna, Head Editorial and Marketing, Vishv Books.

Challenges of continuing education in the unprecedented situation caused by the COVID19 pandemic were discussed and the speakers shared how those challenges were overcome by educators in India . New ways of teaching and managing school going children post COVID19 lockdown was also an interesting discussion. Lots of questions raised by attendees were answered satisfactorily.

Essential Takeaways of the Webinar

Driving Education through Pandemic

  1. Do not panic. Be calm.
  2. Make sure screen time is age-appropriate.
  3. Tell parents what facilities they should provide to their children for online class, so they understand and support better.
  4. Assignment should be designed such that student can do it with little help.
  5. Feedback and Remedial is the key to improve strategy day-by-day.
  6. Make emotional connect with students and parents.
  7. Keep a check on the understanding of students.
  8. To tackle connectivity issues recordings can be sent later.
  9. Encourage attendance in the online class, do not send all lessons.
  10. Technology has helped continue education. Stay updated.

Preparing for post COVID19

  1. Mental health of Parents, Teachers and Children is important.
  2. Children should be taught about sanitization, at home.
  3. Parents should make children use masks so that they get used to before schools reopen.
  4. Teach students Computer Skills so they can maximize their output in online learning.
  5. Teach students do’s and don’ts of staying safe even before the schools reopen and let them practice the same while at home.

We received feedback that many of the useful takeaways have helped schools improve upon their online education strategy.

Hope it helps many educators and students !!

Thank you!

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